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FAQ : Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a list of common questions about our Puppy Development Program. If you have other questions, please e-mail me.

Are your dogs registered? If so, to what registry?

Yes. Our puppies are registered with the American Kennel Club. Information about the AKC can be found on their website. Adopting a dog that is registered with the AKC is recommended. Many other North American registries do not conform to the high level of standards upheld by the AKC.

Buyers receive a copy of their AKC registration paperwork when picking-up or having your pup delivered.

Goldendoodle however are not registrable*

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What makes The Balanced Dog Puppy Development Program different from purchasing an untrained puppy from a breeder? Or adopting an older dog from a rescue organization?

When you purchase a young puppy from a breeder or adopt an older dog from a rescue you're taking a gamble. You never really know what you're going to get.  As a professional dog trainer I've helped countless clients who struggle with their dogs' behavior problems. Often the clients are doing their best but the dog they selected has neurotic, anxious, or aggressive tendencies. These tendencies can be either genetic or a result of poor puppy socialization. I can help these dogs and their owners, but you can save a lot of heartache and grief by starting with a puppy that has an exceptional temperament and an ideal early puppyhood!

If you adopt from our Puppy Development Program you'll know exactly what you're getting. A healthy puppy with a happy, confident, resilient temperament. A puppy that is potty trained, crate trained, obedience trained, gentle, respectful, intelligent, with strong impulse control, and a whole lot of heart.

I intent to grow our Puppy Development Program and strengthen our already strong reputation. I will provide whatever support you need to get your pup well integrated into your home and exceed your expectations.


What kind of food do you feed your pups?


Good nutrition is important for growing pups. We feed our puppies a high quality grain-free food, high in animal proteins. The puppies are currently eating Blue Buffalo Wilderness, Nature's Evolutionary Diet -with Chicken- Puppy.

We use hot dogs for training that are free of nitrate and nitrite preservatives.

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Can we come visit your puppies and see your facility/home?

Yes! We want you to be able to meet our puppies and see what a loving home they're being raised in. Many breeders refuse for you to visit their kennel. They may provide excuses for this, but this refusal may be a red flag.

A breeder or caretaker should be happy, and proud, to show you the environment your new puppy is being raised in. If you'd like to visit, read through all the FAQs and information on our Available Puppies Page then fill out a Puppy Application and we'll reach out to you about scheduling a visit.

Would an older puppy/dog have a hard time bonding with its new family?

No. There are two main reasons why this is not a worry. First, we select breeds for our program, such as the Standard Poodle, that are naturally outgoing, love human affection, and are warm with old friends and new friends alike. They readily bond with anyone that shows them kindness, feeds them, and gives them direction.

Secondly, socialization is a huge part of our Puppy Development Program. We take our puppies, on walks, hikes, and to the park. We introduce them to children and adults so they have lots of practice meeting new people and being comfortable with their surroundings. Your puppy will absolutely feel at home and bond with their new family very quickly.



How much do your trained puppies cost?

"Buying a cheap dog is great... if you can afford it." The money you save by initially purchasing a dog can pale in comparison to the health and behavior problems that come with a puppy that is not well bred and raised. Purchasing a trained pup is such an amazing advantage and allows you to own a blessing instead of a curse for over a decade. Buying a dog should never be like buying a vehicle. The decision concerning what dog you will have for 10-15 years should never be based on price alone. We believe we are extremely unique in 2 areas... the quality of our dogs and the quality of our program. The puppies in our program are hand selected by a professional dog trainer, expert in choosing dogs with outstanding temperaments.

Also, our program is extremely intensive. Each puppy gets countless hours of formal training, socialization, love, and attention. Our training includes potty-training, obedience training, leash training, crate training, the puppies are microchipped, dewormed, puppy shots, health examination, detailed instructional video, AKC paperwork, hands on demonstration of their training when delivered or picked-up, and have a 14-day money back guarantee. 

Visit our Available Puppies Page to see current pups and their individual prices.


How do you get your puppy home?

We are flexible with when you get your pup. We always highly encourage you to make sure not to have a lot of chaos right when you get your pup. You want the first few days to be very calm and relaxed with a very consistent schedule. This will help your pup adjust to your home and learn the routine. The training will transfer more quickly by creating this structure from the very beginning. The date of your pup's graduation is flexible. If that date doesn't work then let us know when you want your pup and we'll do it. If it's between training programs then we simply pro-rate the price difference (after a 3 day grace period).

There are 3 options for getting your pup:

1. You can pick your puppy up from our home, in Laurens South Carolina, at no additional cost

2. Your puppy can be delivered by car using a trusted third party delivery service. Your pup will be the only dog traveling with the driver so they will get lots of personal attention and the driver will travel directly from my home to yours. This service will be booked by The Balanced Dog and provided at cost.

3. The Head Trainer and Owner of The Balanced Dog, Travis Hudson, is sometimes available to personally deliver your puppy, schedule permitting. This option is available at a more premium price given the time and expense involved. Ask about the cost and availability of this option if this interests you.


What type of warranty do you provide?

We provide a very simple, straight-forward, and honest warranty. We give you 14 days. In this time you can take your pup to the Vet to independently confirm the pup's excellent health. And you'll have enough time to test out the puppy's training and make sure they'll integrate nicely into your lifestyle. If you are dissatisfied with your puppy you may return the puppy and we will refund the cost of the puppy, minus deposit and delivery costs. We will also refund your deposit if your licensed Vet finds any serious (cronic, life threatening pre-existing health condition in the puppy.


Make sure you read through the details of any breeder providing a longer-term warranty. Most warranties have so many loopholes they are hardly warranties at all.

What do I do if I can no longer care for a dog I've purchased from your program?

If at any point in the dog's life you are no longer able to care for your dog, and you can make no other arrangements for their care, please return the dog to us. We always want to make sure our pups go to quality homes, for the entire life of the animal. We will either find a good home for your dog or care for him/her ourselves.



How do I reserve a puppy?

Read over this FAQ page, review our Available Pups Page then fill out a Puppy Application. We'll get back to you within 24 hours. After a phone call to learn a little more, you'll be able to place a deposit to reserve your puppy and graduation date.

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