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Sold Trained Dogs

Puppy Development Program Graduates

In our Puppy Development Program we train dogs to be the perfect companion for your lifestyle. We also work hard to ensure each dog goes home to a loving and compatible family. Here are some of our recent Puppy Development Program graduates.

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Beau, Goldendoodle | SOLD
Best Decision We Ever Made

"Our family purchased a 5-month-old Goldendoodle from Travis. Our family is in love with this beautiful, well-trained dog. Travis had great videos online for us to see before we decided to purchase our dog. This way we were able to see how well Beau was trained and has helped us keep up with his training at home. Travis was very easy to contact. He answered all of our questions and showed us all the necessary paperwork before we decided to go ahead. Afterwards, he sent us another video showing us more ways to help with his training. He has continued to answer any questions we have. Best decision we ever made. Thanks, Travis. Beau's training: potty trained, crate trained, come, sit, stay, roll over, down, wait, place" - Katie Eby

Bodhi, Weimaraner | SOLD

I Recommend The Balanced Dog                     "We received our Weimaraner from The Balanced Dog when he was 16 weeks-old. We are so pleased with this beautiful pup who came to us crate and house trained. He also walks beautifully on a leash and responds to sit, stay, come and down commands. Travis continues to work with us to ensure Bodhi's progress with his obedience. Without hesitation, I recommend Travis and The Balanced Dog" - Joanne Anderson

Kensho, Belgian Malinois | SOLD

Kensho, a truly EXTRAORDINARY young Belgian Malinois was given a comprehensive foundation of obedience training. He has gone on to continue his education as a personal and family protection dog.


Check out the video above to see the training
he received here at The Balanced Dog.


Check out the video below to see the training he received with Protection Dog Sales. He has now found a loving forever home.


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