Exceptional Trained Dogs for Sale

in Nashville, TN

Here at The Balanced Dog we hand select puppies of exceptional breeding and temperament.
We then provide them with training that ensures they integrate into your family as quickly and seamlessly as possible. House training, obedience training, and socialization are all important components of our Puppy Development Program. We work hard to ensure each dog goes home to a loving and compatible family. Please fill out an application below if you
're interested in making one of our pups part of your family.

CALVIN (SOLD) Happy-go-lucky Basset Hound

CALVIN, born May 4th, 2016 is a good-natured, affectionate, and intelligent guy! He's also handsome and in excellent health. He's had all of his puppy shots and his rabies vaccinations. He became available through no fault of his own, his previous owners, regretfully, felt forced to find him a new home. Their beloved dog of 3 years simply could not learn to accept Calvin into their family. The discord in the house became too stressful, so they entrusted me with the task of finding him a great home. We know that it will be easier to find him the great home he deserves with a little training. We are offering him for just $1,200, the cost of our 2-week board and train program (he's received even more training). Our Puppy Development Program is preparing Calvin to integrate into your family as quickly and seamlessly as possible. Check below for Calvin's graduation date and pricing. If you're interested fill out our puppy application and we'll get back with you soon.

CALVIN photo gallery

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Snapshot of Training:
    House Training
  • Crate trained– Wait patiently to be released from the crate. Relax in the crate without potty training accidents or excessive whining.

  • Potty trained– Learned not to use restroom inside. Can stay in crate overnight without accident or needing to go outside until morning.

  • House trained– Hasn't  been allowed on furniture, and is being taught not to chew anything he shouldn't.

  • Jump trained– trained to not jump up on couches, people, chairs, etc…

    Obedience Training
  • Sit- to sit on a verbal command

  • Stay - to stay on a verbal command

  • Down - to lay down on verbal command

  • Come - to come off-leash and at a distance

  • No - to cease any unwanted behavior

  • Sit/Stay - to hold a sit position

  • Down/Stay - to hold a down position

Socialization Training


Calvin has been exposed to tons of sights, sounds, smells, people, and dogs. He gets along great with most dogs and loves people!

Training video of previous Puppy Development Program graduate

Seeing is Believing! Watch a clip of a recent graduate! The puppy in this video recently graduated from our Puppy Development Program. We will record detailed instructional videos with Calvin showing you how to introduce him to your home and maintain his training.

CALVIN at play

Pricing & Graduation Date:

Pricing reflects Calvin's exceptional temperament and the many hours of professional training he has received as a student in our Puppy Development Program.

Graduation - February 2017  SOLD

Calvin will be ready to graduate from our Puppy Development Program in February. At this time he will be crate trained, potty trained, house trained, and responding to "sit," "down," "come," and will walk politely on leash.