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Here at The Balanced Dog we hand select puppies of exceptional breeding and temperament. We then provide them with training that ensures they integrate into your family as quickly and seamlessly as possible. House training, obedience training, and socialization are all important components of our Puppy Development Program.  We work hard to ensure each dog goes home to a loving and compatible family. Please fill out an application below if you're interested in making one of our pups part of your family.

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Video recorded on November 5th, 2020

Trained Standard Poodle Puppies

Jackson and Grant are truly a rare pair! They are a handsome, radiant, warm and intelligent duo. All their puppy healthcare needs have been looked after closely. They have received all their puppy shots, they've been de-wormed and microchipped, tails docked, dew claws removed, and they come with their AKC registration paperwork. Parents have been health tested for Von Willebrand Disease Type I, Congenital
Macrothrombocytopenia, Progressive Retinal Atrophy, GM2 Gangliosidosis, Degenerative Myelopathy, Neonatal Encephalopathy with Seizures, Osteochondrodysplasia, Intervertebral Disc Disease (Type I) and over 180 other genetic diseases.

These pups will be available for adoption when they graduate from one of our three puppy training programs. The dates and pricing are listed at the bottom of this page. If after watching the video above, and reading more about our training programs below, you are interested in adding one of these guys to your family then fill out the puppy application form at the bottom of the page. We'll get back to you within 24 hours.


JACKSON sweetie-pie


Jackson is a sweetie-pie and sharp as a tac. He loves training so much he'll often just walk up to me and go into a down-stay unprompted and wait there for a treat. He is a very happy and friendly pup. He is fairly outgoing and playful, energetic but not hyper or out of control. He exemplifies Standard Poodle intelligence and is doing very well in training. Size-wise, he’s an average size boy and will likely grow to nearly 60 lbs with a beautiful curly black coat and keen, honest eyes.

GRANT happy guy



Grant's personality can be summed up in one word…happy. He is a very happy and friendly pup. His tail is always wagging and he’s seemingly always in a good mood. He is independent but loves playing with people and other dogs. He is one of the more confident boys in his litter and is also doing great with his training. Size-wise, he’s on the larger end of average size for a boy and will probably grow to over 60 lbs with that same beautiful curly black hair and a few wisps of white on his chest 

Puppy Development Program - 3 Levels

Each program is designed to provide not only a beautiful, healthy puppy but also one that is emotionally and mentally stable for life. We build a solid foundation for future therapy dogs or the best family dogs you could ever enjoy. The longer you pup remains in training the more solid and reliable their training will become. Below is a detailed listing of what’s covered in each extended puppy training program.

Before your puppy comes home I'll record a detailed instructional video that will show you how to best introduce your pup to your home and maintain their training. (I'll also record weekly update videos of the pup after you make a deposit and select a graduation date.) I will deliver your puppy at no additional charge and provide an in-home lesson for anyone who lives within 50 miles of Nashville, Tennessee. Your puppy can be delivered to anywhere with the contiguous Untied States for an additional charge that will vary with your distance from Nashville, Tennessee.

Puppy Academy - Level 1 Training


Snapshot of Training:
    House Training
  • Crate trained– Wait patiently to be released from the crate. Relax in the crate without potty training accidents or excessive whining.

  • Potty trained– Learned not to use restroom inside. At this age they can stay inside for short periods of time without accidents. They can stay in the crate overnight without accident or needing to go outside until morning.

  • House trained– Haven't been allowed on furniture, and are being taught not to chew anything they shouldn't.

  • Jump trained– trained to not jump up on couches, people, chairs, etc…

    Obedience Training
  • Sit- to sit on a verbal command 

  • Stay - to stay on a verbal command

  • Down - to lay down on verbal command

  • Come - to come off-leash and at a distance

  • No - to cease any unwanted behavior

  • Sit/Stay - to hold a sit position

  • Down/Stay - to hold a down position

Socialization Training


  • Stranger Trained– acclimated to being picked up and handled by various people so we build lots of positive associations with meeting new people.

  • Child Trained– Pups have been introduced to my young daughter and other children in the neighborhood. They are gentle and polite with children. 

  • Dog Trained– Pups have been introduced to several other dogs of various ages and have demonstrated admirable social graces.

  • Stimuli Trained– Pups have been exposed to tons of sights, sounds, smells, loud noises and the like. This helps them remain confident when encountering new things in the future.

  • Grooming Trained– Standard Poodles will receive more grooming than your average dog so it's important that they tolerate this well. We've bathed, brushed, groomed, and blow dried these dogs and they are both very tolerate and cooperative with grooming.

Canine College - Level 2 Training


After a puppy graduates from Puppy Academy a basic foundation of training has been set. When they enroll in Canine College we begin working on the "3 D's", Distance, Duration, and Distraction. Now that they know the meaning of "stay", for example, we begin asking them to hold the position for a longer period of time. We also slowly move further and further away from the puppy while they hold the "stay" command. At the same time we begin to move away from the distraction-free training scenario into real-life settings while training. This way the training will be more and more practical in your everyday life.

In Canine College the puppies will be old enough and mature enough to learn to walk politely on leash without pulling, using a training collar. This is huge! These boys will grow to be quite large and you won't want to play tug-of-war with them. By the time they graduate from Canine College they will be walking beautifully right at your side with a nice loose leash.

It's hard to quantify all the improvements a month of training, socialization, and maturation will provide. But know that they will have many more positive experiences and repetitions of the commands. This patterning will build up the speed and reliability of the puppies. They will also have stronger bladders and more reliable potty training, meaning less accidents.

Another perk of Selecting a Canine College training level is they will be available just in time for Christmas!!

Doggy Doctorate - Level 3 Training


This is our highest level of training. By this time they will have built up their impulse control to the level very close to that of an adult dog, while still retaining some of their puppy cuteness. We'll continue to work on the "3 D's" of Distance, Duration, and Distraction discussed above. They will be capable of holding a down-stay for longer than a minute, even with some light distraction. Their bladders will be close to fully mature, so you'll have no worries about potty training by this time and their house manners will gentlemanly. 


We will also teach your pup a trick or two during the Doggy Doctorate program. They will know how to "play dead" and fetch. Also ask about the additional off-leash training available at this age if interested.

Watch (video below) Puppies Build Their Impulse Control

A big part of our Puppy Development Program consists of getting the pups to look to us for direction and permission rather than acting out every impulse they have. When the pups move into this following state of mind they respond more readily to your direction and are much more pleasant to live with

Third Party Reviews

If you haven't read the reviews from our previous buyers you can see them here on PuppyFind.com: https://bit.ly/3pdpcns Also visit our Sold Dogs page is see pictures of these pups with their new families.

Pricing & Graduation Dates:

Below are the graduation dates from each of our training programs. The longer your pup remains in training the more solid and reliable their training will become. After you fill out a puppy application form and we speak over the phone you'll be able to make a deposit to reserve your chosen puppy and graduation date.    (Puppies were born July, 28th 2020)

Puppy Academy - November 30th, 2020

Your puppy will be 4 months old at this time. At this date the pups have a great foundation of training and socialization. If you can't wait to get your pup and want him home as soon as possible, this is the program for you.

Canine College - December 24th, 2020

Your puppy will be 5 months old at this time. By this date we will have added lots of distance, duration, and distraction to the training. All the extra repetition will make them much more reliable. They will also be walking politely at your side with a loose leash in addition to the other training.

Doggie Doctorate - January 28th, 2021

Your puppy will be 6 months old at this time. If you're patient enough to wait for this graduation date you'll get the best trained pup possible. If you're interested in even more advanced off-leash training for your pup ask us about this when you fill out the application below. They are only eligible for this training when graduating with their Doggie Doctorate at 6 months or older.

Our Satisfaction Guarantee

We believe in the quality of our puppies and training program. We're so confident you'll be happy with your pup that we offer a money back guarantee. If you are dissatisfied with your puppy for any reason you may return your puppy within the first 14 days. Provided the puppy is in the same excellent health and sound mind they were delivered in the full cost of the puppy will be refunded, minus delivery costs and deposit. 

I'd be happy to answer any questions you'd like to ask before filling out a puppy application. Click the button to send me an email.