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Travis Hudson

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About The Balanced Dog


The Balanced Dog was founded in Nashville, Tennessee in 2015. It's transformative board and train program helped many dog owners improve their dog's behavior and their relationship with their dogs.

The Balanced Dog moved to Laurens, South Carolina in late 2022 to expand it's popular and successful Puppy Development Program.


Travis Hudson -  Head Trainer


"I see dog training as both a science and an art. I like teaching the science and nothing is more rewarding than opening clients up to the art of more meaningful communication with their dogs."


Before founding The Balanced Dog, Travis worked as a professional dog trainer at board & train facilities and a breeder's kennel. He is a student and fan of Michael Ellis' method of competitive obedience training and enjoys sharing insights gained from this system along with his more intuitive approach to pet dog training.

Cheryl Hudson -  Manager

Cheryl takes care of all the dogs in our Board & Train Program and gives them lots of love and attention when they're not training. She's also a professional dog groomer. She ensures that every dog in our program looks their absolute best. Cheryl has loved dogs since she was a kid and can't believe how lucky she is to hang out with so many adorable pups.

Cheryl Hudson

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